Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Well we know who our candidates for mayor are. Some basic thoughts on the whole thing.

-- I was surprised Tom didn't do a little better.
-- I was surprised Jack didn't do better
-- I was surprised how well Tom did in DuPage and parts of the 9th Ward.
-- I think turnout and convincing the Wyatt voters to vote for your guy is going to be one of the big keys for the general.
-- My hats off to Bill Wyatt, he ran a positive campaign and has nothing to hang his head about. My respect for Bill has grown during this cycle and I look forward to him being in the game in the future.
-- Before you say 'someone took Irvin signs, please explain to me who slashed a bunch of Weisner signs', every close race has it's over zealous idiots on both sides we should not consider them representative of the candidate on either side.
-- This race is very winnable for Richard even 6 months ago I think most opinion has this as a walk-off for Wiesner, I would say that's no longer the case.
-- I hope the race gets back to being positive, the Weisner (....) piece on taxes prevent me from saying 'remain positive'.

More thoughts to come, it was a late night for me last night (worked the election, not for a candidate however).