Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Anyone want to take bets that if President Bush taps the strategic petroleum reserve, Gov. Blagojevich will take credit because he wrote a letter.



Dave Vollmer said...

Well I hope he does not tap into the reserve, but he has left himself with no choices now.

Well wait he always does this, his policies have got to be the worst this country has seen in the last 50 yrs.


Reform IL Child Support said...

Yupp! Yupp! Yupp!

When he initially wrote the letter it was because of high prices in the country/Illinois.

After being turned down by the President and other federal officials denouncing the idea to save the reserves for emergencies; suddenly there is an emergency in Lousianna.

He initiated the idea for the wrong reason (politics), and it is now necessary. But it does not take the Illinois Governor (by himself, without support from Obama and Durbin) to challenge the President to release emergency oil for the entire country.

Maybe it should have began with Lousianna's Governor with the support of Illinois Governor', U.S Senators Durbin and Obama and others.

Not by himself. This is an attempt to reach the White House.

It can only haunt this state later when the President has an option of giving special assistance to Illinois.

We won't get it cause ol George probably has a lot to say about Illinois' Governor Rod Blagojevich. And the method to which the President will use to release the oil, will not be as a result of Blagojevich letter.

After all, if the President does this now and as requested by the Governor, it will appear as if Blago has a say so in the White House.

C'mon man, he should have gained support throughout the country.

Itsn't is quite strange that no one has joined him in his request!

He's a Lone Ranger!