Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Eric Zorn has the full Giangreco (that was in Cap Fax) Bring It on Edgar thing. (FYI, this isn't even remotely an official response, just the rantings of OneMan).

Some Comments on parts.
The Death Penalty
Edgar's other main issue in the 1994 campaign was the death penalty. His ads relentlessly attacked Democratic candidate Dawn Clark Netsch on the issue. As Governor, Edgar refused to commute the death sentences for innocent men who have now been cleared by DNA evidence. Even George Ryan understood the flaws in the system and enacted the moratorium (which Blagojevich has continued), putting Edgar on the wrong side of history. Well, what's a few innocent men in jail?

Yeah because it's Edgar's fault he didn't commute death sentences based off of evidence that he didn't have at the time he was in office.

Also if the system is truly flawed shouldn't Governor Blagojevich worked to end the death penalty? He hasn't let anyone get executed, but people are being sentenced to death. Some courage.
Managing State Government
Republicans love to talk about Edgar's ability to manage state government and balance the budget. Given that Edgar turned his back on school children and people who need health care, he must have been a masterful manager, running the state with a minimum number of employees and making every agency operate at peak efficiency, right? Wrong.

Edgar needed 67,000 people to run state government. Blagojevich has done the same job with 57,000 people. Edgar's disaster a month at DCFS still may be the single worst run state agency in history. Blagojevich, on the other hand, has child support collections at record levels and is steadily improving how the state cares for abused and abandoned kids. DCFS rarely grabs headlines anymore and that's good news.

Turned his back on School children? Remember he tried to change the way we funded education in this state. I don't recall your guy stepping up on that.

Ask people who need services from the state how well the state is working?

Ask a teacher who's pension contribution wasn't made about how well state government is working.

If this is the best you guys can come up with. Bring it on, seriously.

We can talk about stuff that your guy has done.

Remember Flu vaccine that we have to pay for but can't import?

Remember treating virtually every dime in the state budget as general revenue? Remember Sweeping funds for medical tests and fire safety?

Remember trying to sell and lease back the Thompson Center and then calling the Attorney General's ethics into question when she said you couldn't do it? Claiming she was listening to her dad instead of doing her job (that will make a great anti-Lisa ad as well, thanks!) How much money did we waste on that?

Remember basically forgetting about the parts of the state south of I-80?

Remember basically underfunding teacher pensions using financial logic that would make a loan shark blush?

How about just a count of the number of times your administration has had to comment on the timing of a political contribution and a state contract for the donor? Oh yeah thats always a just a coincidence, like the health facilities board appointments apointments. Do a google search on 'Blagojevich donation contract' and enjoy reading the 3,370 or so entries.

The Health Facilities board fiasco, how it took less time to fill the 'Video Games are Scary' board than it took to appoint a Gaming board a Health Facilities Board? Which one is more important in this state vs. more important if you want to run for President?

You want to make this a race on issues and records, we can do that.



Anonymous said...

Remember he tried to change the way we funded education in this state?

You have a short memory. Dawn Clark Netsch proposed the idea when she ran against Edgar. Edgar mocked the plan as the typical tax-and-spend liberal dodge, then proposed a very similar idea after defeating her.

OneMan said...

But he did propose it later. That's more my point.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

"Also if the system is truly flawed shouldn't Governor Blagojevich worked to end the death penalty? He hasn't let anyone get executed, but people are being sentenced to death. Some courage."


Unfortunately, Blagonad seems to lack the "testicular virility" to face our broken capital punishment system head-on.

Jon said...

Re education funding:

Yes, he proposed it. And it went over like a lead balloon, largely because he'd buried it so well when it it was Netsch's idea.

So he incompetently flip-flopped on the subject. (I wouldn't mind the flip-flop so much if he'd been able to make it work.) And this is supposed to be a reason to vote *for* him?

OneMan said...

It was a lot more than just him getting it buried both times it has come up.

If Rod is going to protray him self as the education funding governor he needs to either come up witha bold plan, or accept that is funding comes on the states Discover card.

bluewave said...

I like the idea of using the State using the Discover Card. Even 1% cash back on a billion dollars of the budget is a million (assuming my math is correct).

OneMan said...

It would be 10 Million. The cashback is nice it's the interest that is going to kill us.

Reform IL Child Support said...

ONE MAN you're very resourceful. You know what's really interesting is all of the money that he has received from the Tollway Authority contractors.

We all know that Blago's new Executive Inspector General is the former Inspector General for the Tollway Highway Authority. Now he's the Executive Inspector General.

You would think that as the "Ethics Watchdog" as the State Journal Register refers to the title, he would have told the Governor how unethical this is and appears.

Or did he assist as the IG of the Tollway Highway Authority in getting these contributions for the Gov from the contractors.

Well, I guess could explains why he was appointed the EIG or to me it has the appearance of "pay to play".

Reform IL Child Support said...

Jon, you talk about flip flop!

Did you read the comments that the Governor made while signing the medical malpractice reform into law.

He again expressed his disbelief in the law and further stated that it takes the right away from the jury. Yet he still signed it!

It went against his beliefs and his morals; but he still signed it.

He also stated that he knew signing the bill would create an uproar amoung supporters, but he still signed it.

This was not a true example of "testicular verility", but an example of lack there of.