Wednesday, August 24, 2005

OneMan's (as invited by Zorn) Month in Review (Updated)

A media pioneer passes away. John Johnson was a great American who had a great American. His death reminded everyone of the influence that he had and his publications will continue to have.

WINNER OF THE MONTH: Former Governor Jim Edgar
Just by acting interested in running he changes the dynamic of several statewide races and has consultants to the Blagojevich ranting to CapitolFax and Eric Zorn.

Not only for what he said but for trying to use the writings of Dietich Bonhoeffer to rationalize his statements. Pat Robertson couldn't carry Dietich Bonhoeffer inetlectual or theological bookbag. Sorry Pat, you were wrong, Christians can admit that and ask forgiveness without rationalizing.

Other that I considered were Rex Grossman and the Bears. Also in hindsight Mayor Daley (but our deadline was Thursday night and his interview with the feds was in Friday).

MOST UNDER-REPORTED STORY: Suburban rail expansion in the highway bill.
The commuter line between Joliet and Schaumburg is going to have a huge impact 10 years from now.

I also considered the John Johnson story for this one. Just because his influence on American culture was understated. But the Oprah angle may end up being the most over reported story of September.

Why is this remotely news anymore besides the fact that she is an attractive woman and her mom is an attractive woman.

By backup for this was the Cindy Sheehan part of her protest story. How the story wasn't about anti-war protesting but an anti-war protestor. How the protestor is becoming the focus of the story instead of her message. I think she would be more effective if there wasn't a PR firm and 'Camp Cindy' around her. If it was just a mom looking for answers. It would also be much harder for the right to even remotely attack her.

STORY TO WATCH IN THE UPCOMING MONTH: The Republicans playing "Waiting for Edgar"

The feds talking to Mayor Daley

Honorable Mention:
Quality in Media - Bob Costas for refusing to guest host Larry King Live when they were doing yet another Natalee Holloway show.

Quality in Media (Part 2) -- The Chicago Defender for calling Oprah on the 'Why were you not there' thing with the John Johnson funeral.

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Reform IL Child Support said...

You really cannot knock Oprah for not attending anybodies funeral. Although John Johnson was a very high profile person, and so was his funeral, to knock Oprah for not attending is like her not attending one of your relative or anybody elses relatives funeral.

You cannot just expect because of her status that she must attend high profile funerals. She might have has contractual obligations.

After all, just because you don't attend someones funeral dosn't mean that you loved or cared for them less. Attendance or lack of at a funeral does not mean that that person is not in your heart and prayers.

That's the most important aspect.