Sunday, August 28, 2005

Same as it ever was...

Blagojevich administration has hired more than a dozen of the state's 102 Democratic county chairmen for state jobs. And some of them are working in agencies where hundreds of other employees were laid off due to reorganizations or budget cuts.

-- Remember 'Bringing a new way of doing business'... Heck I don't even mind him doing it that much, but don't pour water on my shoes and tell me it's raining.



Reform IL Child Support said...

I agree with you ONE MAN! Things are still the same in Blago's Administration as it was in George Ryan's.

Have you read John Connor's article today about IDOT employee "Millette"?

This administration including the Executive Inspector General are jokes. They let the investigation fade away with Millette's resignation thinking that him resigning will take the heat off of the administration and the OEIG who is/was investigation his misconduct.

"Governor's 'new way' much like the old" in fact the Governor's 'new way' is the same way George Ryan did it, corrupt style management.

cal skinner said...

I am surprised that it is only a dozen. Bet it was a lot higher under JRT.