Tuesday, August 16, 2005

There have been a few thoughts lately about the Democratic Party of Illinois Web Site.

Hiram points out Rodforus is no longer up... Might I suggest http://www.testicularvirility.com/ as a new Web Address.

Here is why I think they haven't put a ton of effort into the party web site. (FYI, this is totally my opinion)

It's not even remotely worth it for the Illinois Democratic Party

The state party (in my opinion) really doesn't want your help at that level, your money, sure. But your help at a state party level. It's too hard to manage with too much effort for too little pay-off.

It really makes sense for the party to point you to a few other places.
A) Individual candidates who can get more value out of your efforts to help.
B) Local party organizations (county, ward or township)
C) Interest groups

Because each of these in a way can and is influenced and/or controlled by the state party. So therefore involvement with one of the above is much easier for the party to manage and easier for them to direct. The advantage of interest groups is, they have an issue and it is easier to motivate them by pointing out threats to their issue. It is easier to get gun control fans to go after the president of the NRA running for the state leg than it is to get the pro-choice people to work against him. Also special interest folks are just easier to direct than large ad-hoc groups not focused on a single issue. A large party database of volunteers would be too hard to focus on anything.

Also the Democratic party is now in charge in this state, so the need to reach out, is less than it was before they controlled both houses of the leg and virtually all of the constitutional offices.

They don't need an 'organic Howard Dean like' web thing at the state level. One of the big appeals of the the Dean approach is that is was decentralized. Does anyone really thing the Democratic party of Illinois wants a decentralized anything. I would suspect that there is also a fear that that something like that would move the party to the left, the last thing the party really wants.

Just some thoughts.


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