Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Glad to see the crime problem is solved in town so State Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia and the state democratic party can focus on Social Security Privatization
AURORA — State democrats highlighted potential downfalls of President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security during an informational workshop here Monday.
State Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia of Aurora and representatives from Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan's Chicago office explained to the nearly 100 audience members how the current Social Security program works and reviewed the potential consequences of some proposals to reform the system.

I think the guy from Cross' office had this one right
"I think we've got serious issues at the state level that need to be addressed by the legislature, and instead the Democrats are having hearings on a federal issue that has absolutely nothing to do with the state legislature," said David Dring, spokesman for House Republican Leader Tom Cross of Oswego.

Also it's interesting to get a lecture on pensions from the gang that gave us (along with Governor Blagojevich) the pension contribution holiday.

The gang that gave us the new way to fund your retirement, skip a couple of payments into the 401K so you can get that big-screen TV but agree that when you are 72 you will skip golf every other week, the numbers will work out.


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George Petruck said...

Nice Post, I actually put up pretty much the same thing before i checked your blog. But i agree 100%