Friday, September 02, 2005

Got an e-mail blaming Bush for all of the problems down in New Orleans from Michael Moore today. He was also kind enough to toss in a few shots about the war. I have to admit I found Michael Moore more entertaining (and I thought he was much more effective) when he was dealing with economic and labor issues.

I figured he would have to something to say about the lack of labor solidarity at Northwest Airlines. But then again he can't blame Bush for that, which seems to be his focus now which is sad.



Anonymous said...

People at every level of government with any responsibility for emergency response should be ashamed at what's going on in New Orleans. It's inexcusable.

ArchPundit said...

I may be angry about how the relief effort has unfolded, but if I had thousands of people on an e-mail list, I might just stick to donate to the Red Cross.