Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kris and Betsy (actually Betsy) mentioned this on the Croncast on Sunday/Monday. FYI, Croncast is a great podcast and as long as you don't have an issue with HBO language once in a while I recommend it.

Anyway it appears there was some sort of threat issued against the Naperville Unitarian Church, enough of a threat that the Bomb squad rolled out and service had to be moved outside. The Sun put it like this

DuPage County Sheriff's Department officials on Monday continued their investigation into an incident that disrupted weekend services at a Naperville-area church, an incident church officials characterized as a hate crime fomented by parishioners' support of same-sex marriage.

During the Croncast (again go download the show kids) Betsy mentioned how it would be covered in the local paper (she was a bit more descriptive but I forget exactly how she put it). The Naperville Sun quoted from a parishioner who also is and officer with DuPage NOW as well as a statement issued
The spokeswoman said investigators are not treating the incident as a hate crime, although officials of the church and area chapters of the National Organization for Women described it as such Monday.

"Some of the members (of the church) are defiant.
We're not going to be scared into backing away from our values," said Kaiya Iverson, who is both chairwoman of the church's public ministry committee and president of the DuPage County chapter of the National Organization for Women

I guess my question is, why not cover the story also from the prospective of other churches or even just from the prospective of this church. I am a little surprised to see NOW referenced so much in the story. I think that will lead to some people to 'tune out' a story that has an impact on everyone of faith in the area.

If I say nothing when they try to intimidate the Unitarians who is going to say anything when someone tries to intimidate Lutherans?

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