Saturday, September 24, 2005

Last one tonight, the guys at OpenLine (great Aurora focused blog BTW). Have some stuff on what looks like a growing conflict between an Aurora Alderman and The Weisner Administration over a major proposed development in the city.

I haven't really blogged much about the Weisner Administration since even though I didn't support him I have been giving him the benefit of the doubt. It takes time to get an administration going and I don't want to sound like a bitter guy who supported his opponent.

But his response to the Alderman's critiquing (read the OpenLine item to get the exact wording)over how the development proposal is being handled as well as one other specific action early in his administration seem to demonstrate a profound 'tin-ear' politically. Heck both of them alone will make even better mailing material than the water crisis.

Remember Rule #7, Don't start your response to a criticism by attacking your critics. The time for doing that may come, but don't start there.

Take the high road and say something like. "I understand the alderman has concerns, we will take a look at the proposal and our approach so far". Don't call the Alderman out on it. It just makes you look really defensive and puts him on the attack. It also increases the chances of getting the other alderman ticked at you.


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