Saturday, September 24, 2005

Off the normal subject but I would like to understand why I need to give a place my name and phone number in order to get a haircut. It was one of these multi-location plases. (The name wasn't Haircut Hut but that's what I am going to use for this)

Haircut Hut: Name Please
Me: Why, I just want a haircut.
Haircut Hut: Well then I can't enter you into the system
Me: So
Haircut Hut: Then we can't help you
Me: Ok (leaves)
Fortunatly Stu's barber shop on Ogden in Aurora and the barber shop in downtown Naperville accross from the YMCA downtown don't need my info.

I understand why Haircut Hut wants it, I don't understand why they have to have it in order to provide me services.

Secondly, why does an oil change requrie 10 minutes or service and 10 minutes of up-sell..

Andy Rooney Mode now off.


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Anonymous said...

Henry, go to West Plaza Barbers on Galena. Its been there for 40+ years and its where all the local politicals go for a cut and shave, cheap too $12.