Thursday, September 08, 2005

Others have blogged about the Mark Suppelsa piece on the funds sweep. Governor Blagojevich had deputy governor Bradley Tusk respond. The response has this bit.

"Not disingenuous at all. Because in the Governor's budget addresses -- I don't know if you've read those -- he was very clear and up front in saying: 'We have these special purpose funds. They have an excess balance of several billion dollars. And we can use the money that's sitting there unused, not being used for anything else, to make sure that children get healthcare, to make sure that veterans get more help, to make sure that more kids can go to preschool.' "

Ummm, the Metabolic Screening Fund that was targeted for raiding had an enabling act That had this in it (emphasis is mine)

Require that all specimens collected pursuant to
this Act or the rules and regulations promulgated hereunder
be submitted for testing to the nearest Department of Public
Health laboratory designated to perform such tests. The
Department may develop a reasonable fee structure and may
levy fees according to such structure to cover the cost of
providing this testing service. Fees collected from the
provision of this testing service shall be placed in a
special fund in the State Treasury, hereafter known as the
Metabolic Screening and Treatment Fund. Other State and
federal funds for expenses related to metabolic screening,
follow-up and treatment programs may also be placed in such
Fund. Moneys shall be appropriated from such Fund to the Department of Public Health solely for the purposes of
providing metabolic screening, follow-up and treatment
Nothing in this Act shall be construed to prohibit
any licensed medical facility from collecting additional
specimens for testing for metabolic or neonatal diseases or
any other diseases or conditions, as it deems fit.

So you could have used that 'money just sitting around' for metabolic screening, follow-up and treatment programs, instead as part of the general revenue fund.

Oh FYI, there is this at the end of section E of the law
Any person violating the provisions of this subsection (e) is guilty of
a petty offense.


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File a complaint against him with the Inspector General and see what happens!