Thursday, September 08, 2005

Some more on the Mark Suppelsa piece on the funds sweep and Blagojevich administrations response from Bradley Tusk.

The fact remains: It looks hypocritical. Take "pet friendly" license plates, for example. The state says the extra fee helps spay and neuter animals. It's not meant to pay state bills.

"I think when someone's buying a license plate, they're not thinking -- nor do I think there's any awareness of -- the license plate fund in the Secretary of State's office. They want their license plate, they're getting their license plate," says Tusk.

Umm Brad, they might get that idea from the Secretary of State web site (the Pet Friendly page in fact) From the site.
The Governor signed legislation into law on January 11, 2002 that allows for the issuance of Pet Friendly license plates.

Proceeds from these plates goes into a pet overpopulation fund to provide money for spaying and neutering Illinois Companion animals.

So did the governor realize that is was going to end up as general revenue funds when he signed the legislation?

Perhaps they didn't go to the website, the brochure (at least the PDF version on the web site) has this...
Pet lovers across the state know the importance of keeping
their animals healthy and safe. But pet overpopulation can
be a problem if dogs, cats and other “companion” animals
are not properly spayed or neutered and allowed to roam
My office offers pet lovers the unique opportunity to support
animal population control in Illinois by purchasing a set of
Pet Friendly License Plates. Proceeds from the sale of these
plates go into a fund to provide money for spaying and
neutering Illinois companion animals.
Pet Friendly plates provide a great way to show your love of
animals and even say something special about your pet with
vanity or personalized plates.
Jesse White
Secretary of State

Umm Brad I don't know where someone would get the idea that the money from the 'Pet Friendly' plate would actually go to helping pets and spaying and neutering animals.

Perhaps the Sec of State?


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