Saturday, September 24, 2005

There was local dust-up recently over some comments the Kane County Democratic Party Chairman made about Speaker Hastert. (Via the Cross Guys and some others)

A top local Democrat is coming under fire from Republicans and at least one member of his own party after a speech last week that some say devolved into a "mean-spirited" personal attack on House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

The controversial remarks came during a Sept. 15 speech at Northern Illinois University, where Kane County Democratic Party Chairman Mark Guethle told a group of DeKalb-area partisans that Hastert was nothing more than President Bush's "mouthpiece in the Senate."

Hastert, of course, is a member of the House.

Denny Wiggins the Kane County GOP chairman had a response in part
The comments went unanswered until Thursday, when Kane County Republican Party Chairman Denny Wiggins called on Guethle to publicly apologize for the "distasteful" attack.

"I am stunned by the mean-spirited and personal nature of your remarks," Wiggins wrote in a letter delivered both to Guethle and the local media. "Sadly, this is the kind of irresponsible rhetoric we have come to expect under your leadership."
As at least one local democrat pointed out, going after the Speaker really doesn't help local democrats much. If you want to argue ideas, fine we can do that. If you want to argue policy and the implementation therein, cool. You want to go neener-neener-neener have fun because we will more than happy to let you do that, just don't expect neener-neener-neener back.


Anonymous said...

What's funny is Juan Thomas licking his chops. Guethle is digging himself into a hole.


OneMan said...

Yeah I think you are right there.

Anonymous said...

I was there; Guethle did mention the proper chamber and since when is a partisan speech to precinct committeemen warrant this much press? As for Juan, his legal problems got in the way of his aspirations.