Monday, September 12, 2005

There was a recent press release (July 6th, yes I am a little behind) about some changes in Illinois law to help Nursing and Nurses in Illinois. A lot of it isn't bad but this kind of caught my eye

The Nursing Education Scholarship Program has increased its effectiveness with additional funding included in the reauthorization of the Nursing Practice Act, signed by Gov. Blagojevich in 2004. The Act increased the percentage of license fees that are transferred into the scholarship program. In 2006, there will be $1.2 million – an increase of $450,000 – to provide approximately 150 students with financial assistance to pursue an associate degree in nursing, an associate degree in applied sciences in nursing, a hospital-based diploma in nursing, a baccalaureate degree in nursing, a graduate degree in nursing, or a certificate in practical nursing.

Do other professions have part of their licensing fees go to scholarships? Doesn't this result in Nurses basically being taxed to train more nurses? If this is that important shouldn't this be coming out of general revenue funds?

So basically, we are 'taxing' nurses to increase the number of nurses. So by the basic laws of supply and demand, more nurses, less pay for nurses. So Nurses are paying a fee that may end up in them losing leverage with employers. That's smart.


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cal skinner said...

Of course, in 2002 the Democratic legislature with the concurrence of Governor Ryan took away $15 million from the nurse licensing fund which could have gone to scholarships.