Thursday, September 15, 2005

We need to stop having this Public official A messing around in government.

Channel 2 offered their version of who Public official A is, apparently so has Channel 7

I am looking forward to a host of denials and Katrina related press releases to try an counter.

The Comments over at the CapFax are entertaining. I suggest you take a look.

One poster mentions the pro Blagojevich bloggers, is there such a thing as a really pro Blagojevich blog? Seriously, I know there are bloggers who are pro-Obama and have nice things to say about other state dems, but seriously is any blogger a real Blagojevich cheerleader? There are lots of bloggers all over the country who are in love with Obama, but do any love Gov. Blagojevich?

FYI, the press releases on the State web site does not count as a blog.

BTW.. Since I am looking at blog love for Sen. Obama vs. Gov. Blagojevich Senator Obama's response to President Bush's speech tonight was excellent. Obama may be more liberal than Durbin but he comes across as much more rational I think he may have a real future in politics ;-)


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