Thursday, September 01, 2005

Zorn has another retort (this one from Kirk Dillard) to be Bring-it-On thing, this one is much better than mine. I'll share the last part with you and suggest you follow the link to the rest


What Team Blagojevich fails to grasp is that being Governor is about management and paying attention to detail. The Blagojevich administration is the proverbial '“gang that couldn'’t shoot straight'.” Blagojevich is the only governor in memory to have allowed legislation to become law because he forgot to act on the bills.

Unlike other governors, Blagojevich has ignored his responsibility to act on Prisoner Review Board cases and there is now an unprecedented backlog of 1700 cases.

I could go on, but the list would fill several editions of Capital Fax.

Being governor is more than just numbers and press releases. Governors also represent the citizens and should do so with maturity and dignity.

Rod Blagojevich blew off his own Prayer Breakfast and delayed the start of a State Senator'’s funeral service because the governor could not make it on time as usual. This conduct is undignified and disrespectful.

Last year, after years of hard work, veterans from the Greatest Generation asked Rod Blagojevich to speak at the dedication of the stateÂ’s World War II Memorial. Although his spokesman acknowledged he had no other commitment, Blagojevich refused to attend.

We need a governor who will be a statesman, not aspire to be Elvis Presley. If Jim Edgar makes a return to public life, he will be welcomed.

The people of Illinois want a leader who will BE governor, not PLAY governor.

I look forward to 2007 when the people of Illinois can look at the State Capitol and collectively say, “Finally. Thankfully. Elvis has left the Building.”

I though of some of this too, it seems that Gov. Blagojevich seems to fail at the basic 'Blocking and Tackling' of governance. Be it the Health Care Board or the Gaming Board.


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