Wednesday, October 26, 2005


OneMan has been a bit busy lately, between the world series and some stuff with work... More blogging to come soon.

Seriously, World Champs I mean, how cool is that. Perhaps we can get Ozzy to run for the GOP nod for Governor. Now that would be a debate worth seeing.

Can't stop giggling and smiling right now. It sounded like a neighbor set off a tactical nuke about 20 minutes ago.

Some fox reporter is in a group of Sox fans and said he feels like a cork in a bottle. Dude, the line is 'In the fo'c'sle of a tramp steamer' as said by John "The Bulldog" Drummond" after a Bulls Championship when he was doing the crowd shot.

Upate: Eric Zorn was nice enough to point out that is was after a Bears playoff loss to Washington that the 'fo'c'sle comment was made.

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Eric Zorn said...

It was after a Bears game, Henry -- Here's a clip from the Trib:
"His most legendary remark, however, was heard during a live report he made amidst drunken Bears fans after the playoff loss to the Washington Redskins in 1987. As he was being jostled and shoved, Drummond, wearing a dark red University of Minnesota (his alma mater) stocking cap, the colors of which are the same as the Redskins, exclaimed "I feel like I'm in the fo'c'sle of a
tramp steamer!" Then he gave one of his tormenters an elbow in the ribs."