Saturday, October 15, 2005

The hire a temp as Chief of Staff of the city of Aurora is moving forward.

I am still really torn on this, on one hand I think the mayor should have whomever he wants to be his chief of staff so I guess I can't get my dander to up on this, on the other hand.

A) I think it is playing fast and lose with the rules I don't buy the since it isn't explicitly against the rules it must be ok approach.
B) Is it a good idea to have a chief of staff who does not partake in the same benefit system (health, pension, etc) as other staff members of the city.
C) Since he is a temp what additional liability issues might the city be facing. If he is injured on the job is it the responsibility of the temp firm to pay workmen's comp to him? What if he does something bad or negligent (unlikely but things happen) is the temp firm responsible for that as well?
D) I thought a big part of the purpose for the collect a pension from government don't work for government was to prevent someone from retiring then turning around and working as a consultant. I thought this happened quite a bit after one of the big early retirement waves at the state level a few years back so they modified the law to prevent that.
E) Finally, what's next? Is it going to be ok to do this for a hire at the department head level? Will this logic and method someone who used to work for the city? The County?

I think these are questions that someone needs to ask.


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