Friday, October 21, 2005

I got a request from Dr. Kathuria to circulate some petitions for his bid for Lt. Governor. He has a web site however I can't seem to find a committee with the board of elections.

He has some press releases from his senate campaign and a "Why I want to run" thing that has some interesting stuff I might take a look at.

I will this time highlight one paragraph.

I have made political donations to organizations associated with the Republican Party of over US$ 20,000. These groups include: Federal Independent Campaign Committee, President George W .Bush, Illinois American Republican Council, Federation of Indian Association, IVI-IPO, Punjabi Culture Society, Jack Rayn For US Senate, Dupage County Republican Central Committee, Sikh Religious Chicago, Leader Media PAC, USA. India Foundation, 42nd Ward Organization, Rauschenberg For U.S Senate, Citizen for Judy Barr Topinka, Indian American National Asso., Milton Township Republican Council, AIA American Indian Association, Wheaton Township Republicans, Bobby Jindal, Family Pak Federal, Friends of Lauzen, Asian American Coalition, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Illinois Forum, Joe Wiegaind For State Representative, Republican National Committee.

Ummm besides the US$ 20,000 refernce seems more like something you would see in the Economist magazine than something in a letter to Republican County Chairs.
I would argue also argue that the Punjabi Culture Society, Sikh Religious Chicago, India Foundation, AIA American Indian Association, Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church may not be "organizations associated with the Republican Party"

Also I think it is Rauschenberger For U.S Senate not Rauschenberg For U.S Senate, since Steve is running for Governor it might be a good idea to spell his name right.


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