Saturday, October 15, 2005

Rich over at CapitolFax had a post asking if AllKids is going to help Blagojevich's re-election chances.

Well in my humble opinion, not much because health care right or wrong is not really a winning issue in this state (ask Blair Hull and to a less extend Jim Oberweis). It's not really the issue that I think Illinois voters are going to be focusing on at all. If voters really cared about access to health care we would have the Clinton health plan and President Gore. I suspect most voters will see it as a 'that's nice' thing and that's about it. Sort of like the state RX program, I don't see that as a big decider issue for most of the middle that both sides are going to fight over.

What I think the middle is going to be focusing on is what seems to be a climate of corruption within the political process. With continuing revelations out of the Ryan trial and the real possibility of further indictments within various government entities ending business as usual is going to be the big issue.

The attempts I suspect we will see of make hobgoblins out big business, insurance companies, attorneys and others will end up falling on deaf ears.

Real reform of the process and government is going to be the big issue.

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