Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sneed takes a break from reporting on dead people who can't attend baseball games to offer up this nugget.
Good grief: Leave it to U.S. Sen. Byron Dorgan, who represents my home state of North Dakota, to weigh in on Judith Miller's involvement in the White House leak case.

*To wit: Democrat Dorgan wants the Pentagon's inspector general to probe why journalists are permitted temporary access to classified information during overseas operations.

*Nitwit: It's called freedom of the press. I've always hated North Dakota jokes, but this time I think I've found one.

So with your logic you should be able to walk into the pentagon and say. I want to see classified stuff and since I am with the press you need to give it to me? Methinks you are a bit confused about who the Nitwit from North Dakota is.

Do you really think it is not a bad idea to ask at least why the government might share classified information, information that we do not want to share with the general public with someone who's job it is to share information with the general public.



Glenn Brown said...

I personally see the whole "embedded journalist" concept as pretty dubious in the first place. What real news ever comes out of those folks? Its just an excuse to see Koppel, Geraldo or Christiane Amanpour in khakis.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

Once again a "real journalist" redefines the freedom of the press to mean what ever he or she wants it to mean.

Using Sneed's logic, the typesetter for the local weekly shopper has a First Amendment right to access clasified Pentagon documents.

Such stupidity would be shocking from any other source.

Anonymous said...

No one said you have to have intellegence to be a US Senator.