Friday, October 07, 2005

Some fun from Openline in the Beacon

They definitely should increase the fines from parking violations in Aurora from $10 to $25. Maybe if they start doing the fines at a heftier price it will keep my taxes down in Kane County. Let the ones that are breaking the law start paying the price.

FYI -- The letter writer was from North Aurora, because the solution to keeping taxes down in Kane County has to be higher parking fines in downtown Aurora.

This has to do with the front-page news story about the drug dealers being arrested in the Sept. 29 Beacon News. There was one thing missing from the story — how many of these gentlemen didn't have citizenship? How come we don't report the citizenship of these people

Because it is about as relevant as if they had Masters Degrees.

Not to get off on a rant here, but as I grow older I am getting more and more annoyed with people seeming to blame every problem in Aurora on illegal aliens. There are a lot more issues I think this city needs to deal with than the imigration status of my neighbors.


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