Tuesday, November 08, 2005

From Today's Sun Times

When it comes to getting work in state government, it's good to know state Rep. Dan Reitz (D-Steeleville).

After Gov. Blagojevich took office, Reitz's wife, Joyce, got a $32,556-a-year job with the state parks system overseeing concessionaires such as food vendors and bait shops.

The Blagojevich administration hired Reitz's son Nick to be a $39,996-a-year "public administration intern" who lobbies for the state agriculture department.

And the husband of Reitz's office secretary, Peter Geppert, was hired to become superintendent of a state park in his district -- a job that pays $47,496.

Remember kids, not the business as usual governor also I realyy doubt the Sun Times is done.

These are going to make great campaign ads.


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