Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How to defeat Rod Blagojevich or how the Republicans can win back the governors office. The first in an intermittent series.

There are a whole set of 'special interests' that have seen their lots go down hill during the current administration.

Key #1 Truckers and the trucking industry.

From increases in registration fees and taxes, the increase of tolls for truck on the Illinois Tollway and the veto of the increase in the truck speed limit truckers have not faired well under this governor. Also how the state has avoided providing any sort of tax relief on fuel taxes.

Don't think truckers and the trucking industry can have an influence, just ask Pat Welsh. They have organizations, trade magazines etc that can all be used for targeted marketing (heck XM radio even has a channel focused on truckers)

By using targeted mailings to owner-operators as well as buying ad space where available at truck stops and billboards you will be able to reach truckers and their families and point out how this administration has been incentive to their needs. How this administration has been financially detrimental to them and their families.

Like I said more to come.


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