Monday, November 21, 2005

This was in my gmail in box today (name and phone number removed by me)

I left you a message on your phone- one of our scouts stopped you over the
weekend and took some photos of you. We were able to review all the boys
they found and would like to get you to come into our office. I know this is
very last minute but tomorrow would be great. If you're not available
tomorrow then we'd like you to come this is coming Monday or Tuesday. Please
give me a call at XXX.XXX.XXX- I'm in the office tomorrow from 10am.

The phone number, name and firm name seemed to check out, suffice to say I suspect they are not looking for 36 year old heavy set suburban guys.

The subject on the e-mail was Calvin Klein Casting



Jake Parrillo said...

Oh, come on Henry. You're an Adonis!

Marie said...

OMG! Do it.