Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Washington Post (via MSNBC) has a story about how schools are moving away from Friday Night football games due to security issues.

Heck my high school did that back in the 80's and then restarted playing night games in the later 80's with more security that you could shake a stick at. It's interesting to compare how they let the crowds interact here in Auroraville (Aurora that looks like Naperville) at a Friday night football game vs. where I grew up. They still play football on Friday night here whereas in 4 years of high school I think we played a total of three night games at home (tops) and they would keep the fans from each side separated by snow fence.

Here the fans go all over the place and most of the fans under about 23 are blissfuly unaware that a football game is going on.

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