Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I got an e-mail at 3:21 AM that Rauschenberger is going to run for Lt. Governor and join forces with Gidwitz....

Out of all of the conservative guys to step out of the race I think Rauschenberger had the best chance and would have made a great governor. So I guess it becomes a fight between Oberweis and Brady for the hard right....

From the e-mail

Elgin, Illinois.State Senator Steve Rauschenberger (R-Elgin) will discuss his decision to run for Lieutenant Governor and join forces with Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Gidwitz on a campaign for reform and renewal of the Illinois Republican Party and Illinois state government.

The candidates will discuss their decision to team up and their shared vision for Illinois.

Rauschenberger and Gidwitz will be joined by their wives, Betty and Christina, respectively.

Gidwitz/Rauschenberger Press Conference Details for Wednesday, Dec. 7:

Embassy Suites Hotel Chicago Downtown Lakefront
511 N Columbus Dr
Chicago, IL 60611
Rock River Room

State Capitol, Springfield
Blue Room

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The Dude said...

Look for Obie to pressure Brady to get out of the race so that he can be the sole conservative to take on moderates Topinka and Gidenberger.