Friday, December 09, 2005

Off the normal subject of politics but...

I went to a farewell party for the now former CEO of my company (only took 2 hours to drive from Oak Brook to Lombard) and as the night went on it because 'lady's night' at the bar we were at. Since traffic was bad the party continued for us as lady's night commenced. I can honestly say I had never been to a lady's night at a bar or nightclub until last night.

Suffice to say, lady's night at a bar next to the Yorktown mall on a Thursday night with 5 inches of snow on the ground had an air of desperation that helped me understand why people use internet dating.

Some friendly suggestions to my single readers.

-- A good meet cute story does not start with 'I saw your mom dancing on the bar'
-- A good meet cute story does not start with 'I saw you mom dancing next to the pole by the DJ at a bar (or anything that involves the words mom and pole)'
-- Dude you look stupid with the wristband around one elbow.
-- You are not going to meet any women talking to 7 of your buddies, if you want to talk to 7 of your buddies go to a bar without loud music. You will seem less lame.
-- Trying to look like a member of nysnc or any boy band at your age is laughable (trust me I did laugh).
-- Try internet dating.

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Beth said...

Good post.
And even Internet dating has its challenges.
Though there are a few success stories out there. I hope I'm one of them.