Monday, December 05, 2005

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The Carol Marin column on November 30th had a summary of Judy's views on abortion, views that I think really help her in the general election.
After all, Topinka has for years been described in political circles and in the media as a Republican "moderate" who supports the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision establishing a woman's right to choose. And in fact, she is. And does. But with notable exceptions. Topinka supports parental consent, opposes the so-called partial birth abortion and has voted for legislation that allows for spousal notification.
It helps her because the 'limits' she supports are basically stuff most people who are pro-choice but not militantly so can be comfortable with. It helps her in the general because it makes inroads for her with collar county moms and moms in cook county. The one group Gov. Blagojevich needs to really do well with to have any chance at a second term.

Go find 50 suburban and urban moms and ask them if they are really comfortable with the idea that their daughter can get an abortion without their permission at 14 (especially when she can't get her ears pierced at the same age without parental permission). I suspect that a majority are not comfortable with that fact and would find Judy's position closer to their own. When they think of notification in terms of their own daughters I think most moms are closer in their views to Judy than Rod.

She isn't going to fight for the support of the pro-choice groups because they will always support a pro-choice Democrat over a pro-choice Republican. So why chase an endorsement you will not get. Heck the 'questioning' of her pro-choice views by pro-choice PACs helps her within her own party. It isn't like a lot of people who listen to pro-choice PACs vote in Republican primaries anyway.

When it comes to the general election, the pro-life folks are going to find Judy a much better option than Gov. Blagojevich. Yes they might stay home in the general but I suspect they are going to find Judy closer to their views than Gov. Blagojevich and an option worth voting for.

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