Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Still trying to get back up to speed after my visit to Disney but did run across this in the Trib

Looks like we donated the vaccine we bought last year but have not and will not pay for to Pakistan. Sounds like a nice idea and everything, but I think it also forces us to pay for it now since we can't really return it.

SPRINGFIELD -- More than a year after federal regulators blocked Gov. Rod Blagojevich from bringing 250,000 doses of unapproved flu vaccine from Europe to Illinois, the governor has found someone abroad who can use them: victims of the recent earthquake in South Asia.
The donation of $2.5 million worth of vaccine arrived in Pakistan recently, aides to the governor said. Blagojevich sent the vaccine to the ravaged country in response to a request from Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, administration officials said.
Ummm, are we not trying to dispute actually paying for this stuff in the first place, now we are donating it. That takes chutzpah. The trib points out the wholesaler filed a claim against the state.

Also the Trib has these two other little tidbits.

State health officials tried in August to donate the doses for use in South Africa, but the vaccine was not approved for importation by that country because the expiration date printed on the packages had passed.

So we are donating expired vaccine?

Read the whole story, it also provides a way for the governor to make Danny Hines look a little bad as well.


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