Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Well the governor is going to be nice and give $1,000,000 of our money to a church that burned down to help them rebuild their school as well as $1,000 of his own money..

I have some real misgivings about this for a bunch of reasons. I am a Christian and in fact my church is expanding it's school and I would love to have the state give a million dollars to it. I can understand how the state can give grants for non-religious text books and materials and the like for a school, however I can't see how you can give money to build or re-build a church school building and de-couple that from religious education. I also realize that the tax write off I get for money I give to my church's school amounts in some ways to a subsidy.

I also am in general not a big fan of government money going to religious organizations because with government money comes government rules. I am not a fan of big government and government support of religion is the classic example in my mind of big government.

I have a few questions

A) Is every church that catches fire now going to be the recipient of government funds? We had a fire in church in North Aurora, when can they expect a check?

B) Did the church actually ask for the money?

C) As Grand Old Partisan points out on the ILLINOIZE blog, does this mean the governor is now a fan of vouchers?

D) Is the 1K going to be from Citizens for Blagojevich or from Citizen Blagojevich?

E) One of the items on the fire said the church had a few hundred members/worshipers. So lets assume 500 at $2,000 a worshiper we now know what any church in the future should expect.

Then again my suspicion is that he realizes full and well that this will never pass muster but it will give him the chance to say 'I tired' and also gripe about the ACLU.


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