Thursday, February 16, 2006

Does Sneed have a five year old writing the column now? No not someone who writes like a 5 year old but an actual 5 year old. Behold the emergance of the 'yum-yum'

by taking the kids to a nearby Dunkin' Donuts for a quick hot chocolate and yum-yums. Magically, a knock on the door of the closed eatery procured the victuals.
Umm Mike most Dunkin' Donuts never close.
The 14th
Yum yum . . .Is ex-White House chef Walter Scheib the first to leverage his post in the
The 12th
*To wit: Hunt and Nicola Bulgari -- of Bulgari jewelry store fame -- served lobster and yum-yum caviar at Holly's posh co-op
The 9th
and eat more yum-yum lobster soup

Seriously, do we need to add Yum-Yum to our Sneed Bingo cards along with Mayor Daley, Get it, forget it, Sugar, Anne Burke and Gibsons.


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