Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Got polled by Family Taxpayers and some other outfit about a marriage referendum they also asked if I would pass petitions, I took a pass. I am done with petitions for a little while. (Also the unknown caller showing up on my phone was a dumb idea, makes it less likely that people will answer).

Update: They only asked if I thought marriage was important then read the language of a proposed 'defense of marriage' referendum. They then asked if I would pass petitions.

It wasn't much of a poll more of a 'how do you feel and will you help us thing'

Now here is a question. If Judy gets the GOP nod does having this thing on the ballot help her by bringing a part of the party to the polls or does it hurt her?



Rich Miller said...

How about some details about the poll?

Cal Skinner said...

It would more likely help the Constitution Party candidate.

If Judy is the candidate, social conservatives are going to be in a real quandry.

Cal Skinner said...

It would more likely benefit the Constitution Party candidate.