Friday, February 10, 2006

I haven't done a Sneed Rant in a while so here goes. From yesterday

I don't think I've ever responded to someone else's mail, but a letter to my cohort columnist Carol Marin, which was published in Wednesday's Sun-Times, derided us both as post-menopausal women who "just haven't learned to age gracefully."

*The hateful rant made me chuckle and want to flee to the haven of my past vacation at the heavenly Malliouhana Hotel on the island of Anguilla, where I could eat yum-yum lobster soup . . . place my post-menopausal body in aquamarine water on the hotel's white sand beach . . . ponder retirement . . . and eat more yum-yum lobster soup. Wanna come, Carol?
Where to start with this one.
A) You sticking up for Carol Marin, you could carry Carol's reporters notebook. Carol: Insights into politics and life.
Sneed: Mentioning who ate at Gibsons recently and droping in references to Anne Burke
B) Is the mention of 'the heavenly Malliouhana Hotel on the island of Anguilla' just intended to be a plug or is it just you pointing out how you get to take cool vacations.
C) 'yum-yum lobster soup' my 4 year old doesn't even use the phrase yum-yum anymore.
D) East lobster soup and ponder retirement. Sounds like a plan to me Mike, I suggest you get right on it.


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So-Called Austin Mayor said...

I think that they print these rambling pointless Sneed items to convince the readers that she is still writing the column herself rather than just having an intern copy items from 'Page 6' and blogs -- which has been demonstrated ad nauseum.