Monday, February 20, 2006

I listened to the entire debate and Rich is right the part at 56:33 is entertaining. Some observations

First, citing cost numbers from Chicago Catholic Schools is a bit of a misnomer, most public schools don't have anyone working for them that have take a vow of poverty.
Secondly Eric Kroll (I knew him in high school and college) provided the prototype of an anti-Andy Martin ad if anyone needed to write one. I did learn a lot about Andy from that question alone.
Third, the whole Oberweis comment thing on Judy reading her closing statement was in my mind a bit sophomoric and her comment back at him did score some points in my mind.
Finally, what appears to have happened after the debate was a bit surreal.
Looking forward to likely seeing all of the participants later this week? Perhaps I may ask a question or two...


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ArchPundit said...

Most problematic for Catholic School comparisons is that Catholic Schools are usually subsidized by the parish and they can expel students relatively easily. They don't have as high of a special education rate (though to the credit of Catholic Schools they do try to deal with the students they have).

Looking roughly at the numbers in Saint Louis the per student costs if the subsidy is included is towards the higher end of suburban schools here (cheaper than Chicago burbs) but still well above the state average and median.