Monday, February 13, 2006

Ok, a lot has already been blogged about the governor's pre-school for all plan. But since details seem to be a bit hard to come by I am going to hold off to some extent but here are some questions.

Where are the classes going to be held? New facilities, existing schools?
Who is going to run the pre-schools? The state, school districts, private entities, all of the above?
What about transportation? If one kid wants to go to a 'state' pre-school lives in Oak Brook but the pre-school is 10 miles away is it up to the parents to get him there? What about rural areas?
What about the economic impacts? If an area has one or two pre-schools and the state then adds one and the enrolment goes down and one 'private' pre-school shuts down. That is a business that pays taxes you just took out.

Lookin for details.


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