Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Recently had some one point me toSoapBlox Chicago....

Where I found these lines

Roe v. Wade is the revolutionary declaration that defies history to assert women are not brood mares. Although the issue is misrepresented as being exclusively about abortion, the real point of contention has always been female autonomy. Distaff independence is a frighteningly subversive concept so religious traditionalists have waged a terrorist campaign that has effectively negated Roe in most of America. Now, federally guaranteed reproductive freedom will be officially confiscated, the victim of Republican malevolence and Democratic indifference. Soon, other protections for the traditionally oppressed will experience a similar fate courtesy of the Roberts Court…

If you think that most people who object to abortion do so because they want women to be 'brood mares' you are really missing the point.

There was also this

In 2006, the biggest question facing blogs and bloggers is: Will their ascendancy empower the American people -- in the broadest sense of the word -- or merely add to the clout of an elite online constituency? Technology is only as revolutionary as the people who use it, and the progressive blogosphere has thus far remained the realm of the privileged -- a weakness that may well prove fatal in the long run.

It goes on about some opion about the lack of women 'progressive' bloggers and how the fact some other blogger seems unconcerned about this bothers some other bloggers.

Not every post over at SoapBlox starts out like someones Poli Sci masters thesis, go take a look it is sort of like the Illinois Leader for lefties without a forum. I really hope they add a forum.


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