Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Some general thoughts.

From the revelation at the Ryan trial that people gave him $12,500 in cash as a farewell gift. Having worked in the private sector it is not normal to give your boss cash at the holidays and even less normal for him to note how much you gave him.
McCaffrey tried to suggest that giving gifts of cash to bosses was common at Christmas in the business world, but U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer agreed with the prosecution that those questions were irrelevant.

Ummmm, having worked in the business world. No it is not common.

Next. The Governor lays out some ideas for increasing the number of Nurses in Illinois.

Yes there is a nurse educator shortage. A huge one, when my wife finished the MSN degree they asked her if she wanted to go for her PhD and then think about teaching. However the idea of several more years in school did not appeal to her. Considering to teach nursing just about anyplace you need a masters degree and the salary can range from about 45,000 to 65,000K (the only number I could find).
There is an article at Monster that points out that a MS educated Nurse can make about 60K as an instructor or about 80K in practice (that is from 2003).
Also the American association of Colleges of Nursing reported
In fact, AACN's survey found that 32,797 qualified applicants were not accepted at schools of nursing last year due primarily to a shortage of faculty and resource constraints. Within this total, applicants turned away include 29,425 from entry-level baccalaureate programs; 422 from RN-to-Baccalaureate programs; 2,748 from master's programs; and 202 from doctoral programs.

You want more nurses and nurse educators. There is a simple supply and demand answer. Pay them more (yes I have a huge bias here)


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