Monday, February 26, 2007

It appears that OneMan is in fact Kreskin when it comes to the Sneedster

From a Post on Feb 18th

Anyone want to place odds that when Sneed returns from vacation she will have the following in her first column back.

it took a few days for some of these do become true...

Some sort of reference about the Obama campaign that anyone who reads a blog will have known for at least a week.

From Feb 23rd, second day back

Dateline: The Campaign Line -- Sneed hears a plan is afoot to dispatch Dem presidential hopeful Barack Obama's former colleagues in the Illinois Senate to the primary and caucus states to help set Obama's voting record straight, particularly in the being soft on crime department. They'll claim he's not. There ya go.

Some reference to where she went on vacation and how it is warmer than Chicago.
The use of the term Yum-Yum

Turns out she had surgery on her knee, so no Yum-Yum

A 'natch, A get it forget it,a Burke or Sugar Rathbord reference

A Sugar Rathbord reference on Feb 23rd, second day back, An Ed Burke on the first day back

So not too bad, also she is already repeating herself from Feb 21st, first day back

Hair stare: Songstress-turned-actress Jessica Simpson, who's accompanying beau John Mayer while he's in town to play the NIU Convocation Center in DeKalb, has apparently jettisoned the blond tresses for long copper locks.
• The sultry Simpson was spotted sans makeup Tuesday at Barney's on Rush Street sporting caramel-colored hair extensions and trekking through the jewelry department in ultra high "stacked" heels.

From the 25th
I spy: Jessica Simpson and her rock star beau John Mayer dipped into Rosebud Steakhouse for soup and steak last week with nary a paparazzo in sight. Must've been because of her newly copper-toned locks. ...

Yes I realize it was a different restaurant but the Mayer reference and the hair reference make it a bit redundant in my book.

OneMan figuring out what Sneed is going to say beforehand so you don't have to read her.

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