Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crain's had an interesting quote about the GST which led me to the web site of N’Digo Magazine. Where the publisher had not only a good explanation about the tax but what it means in her opinion.

If this tax is passed in its present state, it is the end of the entrepreneur. The concept of small business needs to be reconsidered. A consideration should be given to grading business — small business, entrepreneur, corporate, and mega businesses. The margins of these businesses are drastically different. It is one thing for the Wal-Marts of the world to have a 5 percent margin, and another for the small grocer to have a 5 percent margin.

Entrepreneurs, as they exist in the State of Illinois, are on the way to extinction if this tax is enforced as it is currently stated. By the time you pay income tax, state tax, federal tax and payroll taxes, it just isn’t worth it. The entrepreneur’s operation is stifled, and literally the various governments become hidden business partners that most do not want.

Go read the whole thing, it is quite good and offers a decent explanation.


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