Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting really local here for a second. We have a race in the third ward of Aurora and one of the candidates lives in a subdivision where you see a lot of his signs, however outside of the subdivision you don't see any of his signs. Is this tight of a focus a good idea? I am looking forward to looking at the D-2's in the race when it is over (or before if anyone has to file). However Jim Nesbitt did provide a party affiliation even though it is a non-partisan race.

The beacon also had a bit about technology in the third ward race. FYI, most packages will tell you what party's primary ballot you pulled in primaries. I would have to question the tactical wisdom of sharing how you are using technology before the election. Yeah it gives you some credibility but it also gives others some insight that does you no good, it also makes people a bit nervous about what you know about them.


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