Monday, March 05, 2007

So we are now doing the Lord's work...
"If you're sick and your next-door neighbor is sick, but you can see a doctor and he or she can't, that isn't how God intended it to be," Blagojevich said from the front steps of the Fourth Presbyterian Church, where he attended morning services with his wife and two young daughters. "Everyone -- everyone -- should have access to affordable, quality healthcare."
"We are all God's children," the Democratic governor said. "He intended for all of us to have an equal opportunity to live good, quality lives and to have equal opportunity to have access to things like fundamental quality health care."

So you want to bring God into this argument, eh. Then I have a few questions...
  • Do you think the Lord wanted you to raise over 20 million dollars and spend over 16 million of it running for Governor instead of spending it to help the poor? Is that what you think God intended?
  • Do you think the Lord is happy with the way you seem to take forever to address clemency requests? Is your backlog what God intends? Is this a way to treat God's Children?
  • Do you think the Lord is happy with the way education is funded in this state, is that moral? Is the poor education kids get in this state what God wants? Remember you have had 4 years now to do something about it.
  • Do you think the Lord is happy with the way we depend on the lottery to fund education. Is that what God intended, to pay for education with taxes from games of chance and state run games of chance?
  • Do you think the Lord is happy with the death penalty in this state?
I have to agree with Zorn on this, we can have this debate without trying to figure out what's God's will on the subject. I even have to agree with Arch on this, you can use your faith as a guide to say we need to do this, but not as the reason for doing it. You can make access to health care a priority based on a moral argument you don't need to drop 'God's will' into the mix.

If you really feel this is what God's will is, then have the courage to ask the taxpayers of Illinois to pay for it, that would include you Governor. It's easier to talk about doing God's will with other people's resources.

The problem is you can't just drop God into an argument when it works for you and ignore him the rest of the time when what his will might be does not match your will is.


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