Sunday, March 04, 2007

Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes.

First the 3% insurance tax. Ok as always OneMan has a bunch of questions.....

From the press release.
Any small business with 25 or fewer employees that agrees to subsidize at least 70
percent of its employees’ premiums may purchase group coverage through Illinois
Covered Choice at cheaper prices than they currently get for comparable good quality
Cheaper guaranteed? I wonder if that's the case. Also is that 25 employees period or 25 full timers?


Consumers need and deserve more accountability, transparency and better information to
make informed choices when addressing their health care needs. The State will build
upon recent efforts to improve patient safety, promote electronic medical records,
improve access to information on quality of care and reduce administrative costs.
Everyone will benefit from these improvements.

How will the state 'build upon' recent efforts? I have had some involvement in electronic medical record systems and that process is costly, disruptive and time consuming for a practice of any size to implement. Is the state going to offer a tax break, offer better payment schedules?

The big question here kids is going to be if the state is going to do a better job paying the bills of the new plans on time than they do the current plans. As we have seen with Kids First and other state medical programs, it can take the state forever to pay. Leading providers to either opt out of the plans or face financial hardships if they chose to participate. Are things going to be different this time?


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