Sunday, March 04, 2007

Well off the normal subject for a minute. A couple of resturant reviews.

First 2Toots Steam Whistle Grill in Downers Grove, OneMan took OneSon (he will be 6 in a couple of weeks) there for lunch on Saturday, a bit of a crowd but the wait wasn't too bad. Basically this restaurant delivers your food via toy train. A lot like the Choo Choo in Des Plaines.

The food was good and the shakes were good, in fact OneSon wanted me to give them $1,000 for the shake it was so good. It was good, not $1,000 good but good all the same. Also unlike the Choo-Choo is Des Plaines all of the seats were on the track in some way. All in all a decent value and a good place. We will be back and I would recommend it to others.

Secondly, Ci Ci's Pizza Buffet. Yes I know you are seeing the word buffet and you are rolling your eyes. But I have to say that their pizza is amazingly good for the price. It's in expensive enough (around $5.50 for an adult) that you don't feel you need to eat a ton to get your moneys worth. I have to say the pizza was really good and they had a big variety almost California Pizza Kitchen-esk in some ways. Also the location we went to in Plainfield on Rt 59 has been open for over a year but the folks working there had the sort of 'just opened' enthusiasm that you really don't see much anymore anyplace.


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