Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Beacon has a story today about the 3rd Ward candidates including some information about Jim Nesbitt's ability to drive in Illinois (due to a conviction in another state for DUI). But this little bit at the end also caught my eye.
Nesbitt's detractors also have pointed to his voting record, on file at the Aurora Election Commission. Those documents show that Nesbitt voted in the 2001 election, but didn't vote again until the 2007 primary in February. That is the largest gap represented in any of the candidates' records.
Nesbitt has said that those years were focused on "faith and family," and that he was too busy to get involved with local politics. But now, he said, he has time and wants to represent the voters.

You know Jim lots of folks who are focused on "faith and family" and even Apple Pie, still find time to vote. If nothing else than in national elections. We had one in 2004 in cause you missed it. I find your comments vaguely insulting in that you are implying that folks who found time to at least vote were not focused on what is important. You don't have to 'get involved with local politics' to make an informed voting decision.


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