Monday, April 23, 2007

Considering all of the stuff the city spends money on we can't come up with 60K to search for some more mastodon bones at Phillips Park in Aurora.

Yeah I know OneMan is a bit of a budget hawk, but come on. Looking for mastodon bones, how cool is that? If each ward tossed in some of it's ward funds we could do it easy.

Again it's an example of a unique oportunity for Aurora, they don't have any mastodon digs going on in Oswego or Naperville. It could even be a bit of a local tourist attraction. Come help dig for some bones on the weekend. I would spend $10 to let OneDaughter do it in a heartbeat.


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So-Called Austin Mayor said...

You can save $59K by seeing Mastodon at the Riv in Chicago on May 12, 2007. I saw them with High on Fire and Bongzilla and they were great. And it would be a great experience or Onechild.