Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jake over at the School of Rhodes has an open letter about line jumping (that is people who zoom up to take advantage of construction merges). Read the letter I think he has a point but it reminded of a story.

Years ago before the kids joined the firm and Mrs. OneMan used to work weekends, OneMan used to crew on a racing sailboat. One Saturday morning I am driving downtown and hit the old Hillside Strangler and a car with about 5 young women in their early twenties (same age as I was at the time) zoom by on the left shoulder (because waiting is obviously for un-cute chumps like me). Oh well, I get further up and what do I see, they are pulled over by a member of the Illinois State Police on the shoulder further up the merge.

So what do I do, start laughing my head off, as I go by at 3 miles an hour. The driver see this and I am not sure because the window was up in her car, says 'Funny You' about three times. This causing me to laugh harder.

Have to say it made my whole day.


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