Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some quick thoughts....

For those to lazy to follow the link. It's a small room for 2 built into a giant beer can. Think of this for NASCAR if nothing else. You take them track to track and rent them out for the weekend. Dudes would pay a fortune to be able to spend race weekend in a beercan.

Naperville Mom T-Shirts Worth it just for the line 'Please tell me you know a good babysitter'.
The Naperville Dad shirt says... "NAPERVILLE OUR HOUSES ARE APPRECIATING FASTER THAN YOURS" kind of sums up the whole town.

Actually met the woman behind these shirts picking OneSon up from a birthday party today.

If you are at the bad workout area in your office building no one is impressed when you take a cheek-full of chaw halfway into your lifting routine. In fact the large guy on the treadmill who used to lift for football 20 years ago will need all of his powers not to just start laughing his head off.

If you are swimming at the Y and want to swim some sort of strange breast stroke to keep you face from getting wet so you can keep your glasses on please do so without kicking into adjacent lanes where more than one person is swimming. You have a whole lane to yourself, use it. Also they now have corrective lens goggles at reasonable prices, and getting your face wet will not cause you to melt.

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