Monday, April 16, 2007

Well election day is coming tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see how the 3rd Ward race ends up. Reguardless it will be interesting to see where the challenger raised his money from. I plan on getting copies of D-2s that were filed on paper in a few local races on Wed.

Some things in one race in town have set some precidents with what is considered relevant and not relevant for the press to report. Not to get all opneline-y but a precident has been set, one at least I now expect to be followed down the road.

As for endorsements, none here. It's a non-partisan race (despite what someone says when they filed with the state) and I am going to respect that at some level. Reguardless of what I may mean if I were to endorse someone there is a implication there bigger than just my endorsement.

I will be yet again the representative of a major political organization at the count at the Aurora Election Commission (even tho it's a non-partisan election, it's just easier to have partisans observe).

I will not be writing anyone in for Kane County Regional School Board of Trustee's . I can't spell that well.

I do however plan on having OneDaughter run in 10 years (if she wants and I will get her on the ballot, no write-in stuff) :-)



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